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training ≠ knowing ≠ applying ≠ doing the right thing

First-time Project Managers and young Leaders and sales staff do not always come into their new role planned. In the new role, it usually goes straight to the point and the work on it fills the day and the week. There is no room for real management and leadership. In the case,colleagues are sent to a training course for 2-4 days, during which they will learn #Project Management basics or how to become a leader from a colleague. This is all good, in my experience has no to very short-term success and little penetration.

This is where I want to start and give a push for a rethink.

My suggestion:

Please continue to train your good colleagues and yourself and reduce the volume at the beginning. Why don’t you start with a day #training to set the Basis and arrange one or three topics as learnings. Internalisation and implementation are the keys to success. This requires a conscious #goals and at least one use case. Continuous work and application of knowledge is essential to achieve success. So that your new project managers and managers and you can grow in their task and get into a real self-responsible work,I continuously guide them. Regular exchange and matching of objectives, as well as the #Erfolges, will speed up the achievement. In this way, new paths, goals and space for further #Wissen can be created. The head is now free again for impulses through training and the next steps on the way to a successful leader.

For you, this means increasing efficiency and efficiency. Projects are thus successful faster and entire teams are strengthened and motivated by involvement and innovation!

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