about me

Management consulting


<strong>Years of leadership and sales experience</strong>

<strong>successful project management of major international projects</strong>

<strong>Interviews for engineering and project manager positions</strong>

as well as numerous workshops, lectures and negotiations on service contracts

Axel Juhnke

Together with you, I would like to motivate you to go new and innovative ways and to think the future in a new and sustainable way. I am at your disposal as a sparing partner and driver for the successful implementation of your exciting challenges. I stand as a link between the generations in the field of tension between classic leadership, agile project management and the requirements of Generation Z.

Education and training

Dipl.-Ing. for vehicle technology, master in general management and certified project engineer according to VDI.
From the beginning of his career, he has been working in team management, as a team and project manager. Since 2008 in the field of renewable energies as Deputy Vice President responsible for the department ‘Project Management and Sales’. Positions as authorized signatory and business development manager. After successfully completing his second degree, Master of Arts General Management (2014-2016), Managing Director and Country Manager at one of the world’s leading independent consultants. The focus in recent years has been on project management and sales of services. Secondary employment as an honorary lecturer on the subject of ‘Strategic Sales Management’ and project mentor at the Fresenius University of Hamburg.

­čî▒Walk up! – Personal responsibility (Grundl Leadership Institut), April 2021

­čî▒Leading Simple Coach (Grundl Leadership Institut), September – November 2020

­čî▒ProfilingValues certification (ProfilingValues), November 2020

­čî▒AgileLeader in Change ( Lengler & Partner ), January 2020

­čî▒ChangeManager ( Haufe Academy ), November 2018

­čî▒MasterofArts General Management ( North Academy Hamburg ), October 2016

­čî▒Leadership training program (DNVGL) 2012-2014

­čî▒Project engineer (certified according to VDI ), November 2011

­čî▒Dipl.-Ing. Vehicle technology ( HAW Hamburg ), October 2005

as well as further training in the field of conflict management, communication & rhetoric, creativity & problem-solving techniques and others.


Management and project examples

Started 2021 with full vigor and got to know really great customers and people.

From coaching to in-house training, from project managers to managing partners, from sparring partnerships to sales consulting, everything has been included so far. Great, that’s fun!

Thank you, a successful start and almost the first half of 2021.