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Management & sales rethought and sustainable

As an engineer, I have learned leadership and marketing the hard way and this could be much smoother. I will accompany you to work out the best on these topics for yourself and become the best who you can be.

It is important to me to show people in technology in particular that there is value b as-oriented leadership and sales can be learned. You don’t have to be an extrovert to be successful as a manager or sales force. Say goodbye to any ideal images that you have in mind. Neither is a mix of Steve Jobs, Gandhi, and Tony Robbins.

I have been in the Renewer for the past 14 years b aren energies and these are also a heart issue for me. So I focus on the area of the cleantech industry, for ecologically and economically sustainable business. This is not mutually exclusive, but rather enriches each other.

Ihr WARUM ist mein WARUM

🌱 Why do customers come to me? – high confidence & strong results!

🌱 How do we work together? – absolutely at eye level!

🌱 What do we do together? – Rethink the future & develop new attitudes!

“To achieve our ambitious and slightly self-deprecating goal of becoming the“ world’s best executives ”, in Axel we have found an excellent coach for us, without a tie or collar, but with a red B on the base cap. As part of our cooperation, we were able to develop some improvement approaches for very different challenges in our everyday life as managing director of a small medium-sized company and, above all, underpin intuitively implemented management approaches with systematic tools. Axel’s practical pictures and aids not only help us in everyday business. We look forward to many more sparring sessions! “

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Beyond basics

In theory, leadership can be so easy.

And in practice? More difficult, but learnable.

As a basis for our cooperation I do combine corporate practical experience and theoretical knowledge. In doing so, I mostly rely on the © Leading Simple House from Grundl Institute, where I trained to be a coach.

What does it take in addition? Your clear inner attitude and in addition to the intellectual recognition, also the emotional recognition, leadership & sales to want to be able to.

Paired with the position analysis according to ProfilingValuesis that the foundation in new attitudes and measurable resultsare visible in your management and sales.

© Grundl Institute

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“I was fascinated by the analysis of profiling values. The low-threshold and quick approach, statements in a personal preference orderAnd the personality traits derived from them by Profiling Values Aimpressive. The test, coupled with the profound and competent interpretation of the resultsAy Axel Juhnke, showed me where my personal strengths lie and in which personality traits I still have potential for development.All in all, a very pleasant and insightful analysis of my person!‘

Dr. Christoph Möller, Managing Director Valtcon GmbH


Interim and project management

Advice in the field of organizational development and strategic sales

Management and human resources development of new and young managers

Interim & Project Management, Management of Project Management and Management of Departments andBusiness Units Strategic and systematic selection of suppliers and services

Sales support and network setup as well as the provision of your own network

Financial Services


M&A Consulting and Procurement of Venture Capital

Contact with potential investors worldwide and support of the M&A process in cooperation with a partner who has many years of expertise and has built up excellent knowledge in this area

Mediation of venture capital and other financial consulting services.

Workshops & Coaching

Customized training for the individualneeds of your sales department and management team

Sales workshops, strategic sales management and customer engagement

Employee leadership, coaching and constructive development of teams

Self-confidence and responsibility in project and management functions, concentration on one’s own framework of impact

The role of trust in leadership and sales, how trust helps to become faster and increase sales

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