Literature Recommendations

I would like to share with you an excerpt of my literature Favorites on the topic of leadership, sales and personality development. These can help you find the right way for you and your development and I am happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

All books have very good approaches and none of them is complete. Above all, it is important what you take away from it and make of it.

Write me your thoughts and experiences about the books and I look forward to your literature recommendations.

An exciting book by the founder of the successful Bridgewater Associates with principles for work, but also for life

A classic in management teaching

More familiar are the ‘7 ways to effectiveness’ of the father and the son is in no way after him

40% of our daily actions are habits and expire automatically. In this book, Charles Duhigg shows how habits can determine and simplify our lives, how you can recognize your habits, how to analyze and change them. Very pleasant to read and with many examples. A must!

Work-live balance is no longer necessary, we can find fulfillment in life through and in our work.

We have two ears and only one mouth, yet we speak rather than listening. But how do we manage to listen to us? Julian Treasure has collected in-depth concepts and exercises here.

Kindness, openness and trust are the key to success. Although the first edition dates back to 1936, these rules of conduct now apply more than ever

Boris Grundl the Changer, a great book about self-responsibility

A coaching book with case studies on the topic, finding out what really matters and achieving what really counts for you personally

A strategy book with step-by-step instructions on how to develop excellence and market leadership. These approaches are applicable both professionally and privately and show a different path than the usual numbers, data, facts way.

A high IQ doesn’t help, if we don’t know how to use our emotional intelligence. Scientifically based with helpful examples of explanation.

A successful work and manual for companies on the way to self-organization. The inner individual dimension of a person and includes needs, values, feelings and thoughts. This inner dimension should be in balance with the external dimension.

As the title says. “Leadership can be so easy”, because leadership is the passive part, follow the active part.

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